Triplicity Thursdays

Hey guys,

New series alert! This June I’ll be introducing a series called “ Triplicity Thursdays” to my blog where I’ll be choosing one outfit and mix and matching it to form three different styles. I’ll be adding more clothing articles to that specific outfit or completely revamping that specific clothing article *rubs hands together* we shall find out! I figured I’d be able to express mix and matching effectively through this series.

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To kick off the series I chose this checkered black and white dress to trio-style ( let’s vouch for this word for word of the month?)

Style One: For the first look I kept it very basic, I simply wore a long black cardigan over the dress and completed the look with black converse.This look is suitable for running quick errands or for lazy days. If you get too warm you can easily take off the cardigan and when it gets a bit chilly you can put it back on.
**Tip 1: if you’re styling a checkered dress and don’t want to color clash or want to play it safe, simply choose a cardigan colored similarly as one of the colors on the dress. In this case I went with a black one, but alternatively I could have gone with a white one.

Style Two: Yeah I may have a slight obsession with bows… I mean look at them, what’s not to love about them! So for style two I played around with the ongoing black and white theme. I paired the checkered dress with black knee high socks and and a white blouse.To complete the black and white game going on, I added a black bow to the centre of my dress and a huge white bow on to my messy hair bun.
**Tip 2: if you don’t want to accessorize heavily just grab yourself some bows or DIY one and add them to your outfit. Of course you don’t have to go over the top with them like myself. You can either make the bow the highlight of your outfit by placing it where it can be seen easily. Or alternatively, you could place it subtly where people don’t notice it at first, but when they do it gives your outfit that extra oomph.

Style Three: I paired it with a checkered crop top, the squares on the crop top however are relatively smaller compared to the squares on the dress. Aand *drum roll* I also revamped the dress into a skirt by tucking in the top half inwards and tying it together at the back. Ladies we all go through that phase where we tend to get sick of our dresses no? So there’s a little hack for you!
**Tip 3: If you get sick of your dress, revamp it into a skirt by tucking the upper half inwards and either tying it at the back/side or holding it together with a small belt. Going back to the size of the squares, I played around with the squares because this enables you to create a certain illusion of shorter torso and an elongated lower half.

Well those were the three looks for today. If you’ve got thoughts on these outfits don’t hesitate to share them down below in the comments. I hope you guys will enjoy this series.

Stay tuned for more Mikaesque posts~

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