Tones of Stress

Hey everyone,

The title of today’s post may or may not explain my absence, but sincere apologies for my absence! I’ve got finals coming up (they actually started today and the past few weeks I’ve been occupied with studying – and all the tons of stress that comes with studying- so I haven’t been able to create content for you guys. Bear with me for a few more days and I’ll be back with fun content, trust me I’ve got some fun things in store for you guys. However, till then I won’t be around much but I’ve managed to find time amidst my study breaks to create my monthly faves segment: this, that and these.

Exam time routine

This look (sweats plus a basic tank top) has been my go to while studying. I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t study in posh clothes. I tend to get distracted easily so if I wore anything fancy or even close to fancy I’d end up distracting myself with the embroidery or playing with the buttons and all instead of studying. Don’t judge me, even the roof is interesting to stare at when we’re stuck studying for hours I could always stay in my PJs but that would also distract me since I’d be thinking about my bed and sleeping the entire time. So that’s why I opt for sweats for times like these. When I said nothing fancy, I didn’t mean all dull colors though…that’s just depressing… so with dark/dull sweats I always throw on a bright shirt on top and vice versa.

This specific sweat and shirt combo had the right amount of color, sparkles and graphics. Not toodull and not too distracting.

These fluffy slippers I’ve had for a while and they’re the comfiest thing in the world, and also how cute are they?! It’s my all time fave couple that I ‘ship: Minnie and Mickey! These slippers were able to make it onto this month’s faves list after I realized they actually have another purpose other than being comfortable and cute. I’ve never danced in them before but this month, I realized they’re also super comfy to dance in during study breaks without making you fall. Usually other slippers like these make me fall real quick even if I attempt to walk fast in them let alone allow me to dance in them. So after discovering that these slippers are multi-purpose, they came onto my monthly faves list.

Stress levels were super high due to all the studying, so dance breaks were a must everyday! That one artist that let me dance my hopeless heart out while cursing out all my daunting study sessions was BAYNK. It’s literally impossible not to jump around crazily and invent crazy moves to his songs. If you guys have any song recommendations/ artists to jam to during study breaks or stressful periods, don’t hesitate to leave them down below in the comments!

If any of you have finals starting this week or the next, good luck!We shall all get through them! They’ll all be over in no time( fingers crossed) and as Dory says “ Just Keep Swimming”

Stay tuned for more Mikaesque posts~

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