The Art of BTS Shopping Part I

Hey guys,

Back to school posts are flooding the blogosphere so I figured I might as well add my share on it. Iʼll have 2 posts up under the BTS category. This post will have advice for going BTS clothes shopping, and the next post will be regarding BTS clothes essentials and some BTS outfit inspo.Tis the season for BTS shopping so activate your BTS shopping mood and read on!

I used to get soo excited while doing BTS shopping! More colorful stationery, more clothes whats not to love about that?! The downside though more classes, more assignments, less sleep…ugh definitely donʼt miss that but hey letʼs go back to a happy place: more clothes!!


You definitely cannot go BTS shopping without planning and doing your research first!This is applicable to everything and not just clothes. Thatʼs a big no-no! Thatʼs the equivalence of buying tons of groceries when you donʼt know how to cook! Youʼll have a bunch of stuff just sitting there that you wonʼt know what to do with! Hereʼs an approach you can take for your upcoming BTS shopping spree: spread your BTS shopping across the span of three days. What I mean by this is not to shop on 3 consecutive days- though thatʼs totally up to you hahaha but instead to use the 2 days to prep yourself and the 1 day to shop. Howʼs that possible I hear you ask, well Iʼve listed the things you can do over the span of those 3 days down below. Feel free to adjust the activities/ duration to your liking though, as these are simply suggestions from my own past experiences. Shopping day is supposed to be fun and not stressful! To ensure itʼs fun all that youʼve got to do is plan plan and plan ahead of time. 2/3 days will be super fun but youʼll have to set aside one day for the stress.

Day 1: Squeal with joy let your excitement out. Youʼll need to contain your excitement before attempting to produce an effective shopping list. So itʼs completely okay to set a day to let out your excitement. This will give you the chance to start planning with a clear head.

Day 2: This day has to be the most important one and most likely the stressful one. Itʼs time to plan! Go to your wardrobe , check up on what you need to upgrade on, what you definitely donʼt want to get – cause youʼve already got a lot , and what you donʼt have. After this go online and do your research! I cannot stress how important this is! You donʼt want to be regretting getting something after youʼve gotten it!This is one of the worst feelings ever! Also you donʼt want to end up going to a store which may not have the thing you want! Thus your research will prevent you from wasting time, energy and money on shopping day. And finally produce your final list which is not I repeat not subject to change once youʼve completed it. This is super helpful for indecisive people- like myself. Because once you start doubting one item which took you ages to decide upon youʼre gonna start doubting everything else then it becomes a very annoying cycle. So to avoid all this, agree that once the list is done, itʼs done and no more changing it.

Day 3: The fun returns once again itʼs shopping day! Go shop your heart out, but stick to your list! Once youʼre done youʼll probably be exhausted haha but you may proceed squealing with joy once again.

Over the years I managed to form that method as to how to approach BTS shopping. Iʼve slowly adapted to not grabbing every single pretty thing I see in the store and sticking to my lists but oh boy, it has been hard. Wishing all of you whoʼll be going BTS shopping the best of luck! If someone is about to grab the last of something you like off the racks, yell that thereʼs a spider on their back and sprint to grab that item. This trick has worked a couple of times for me. Donʼt judge! Desperate times/ desperate measures , the struggle is real okay! Hahaha but have fun shopping and hope you find + get everything thatyouʼve planned to.

Stay tuned for more Mikaesque posts~

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