Spritz of Victorian Vibes

This weekʼs micro thought and micro shot were both heavily inspired by Victorian ladiesʼ outfits. Yup you read right, itʼs all about hoop skirts, bustlesand crinolines today! Haha well you wonʼt be seeing them but keep them in mind as you read on.

Iʼve always been intrigued by those posh dresses from back in the Victorian era. Trying one on and actually experiencing the entire process is definitely on my bucket list! Like seriously, those ladies who had to wear those countless layers, cage crinolines and spend ages getting ready seriously deserve respect!Yet here we are in the twenty-first century continuously stating that we take ages to get ready. Itʼs not comparable to what they had to go through at all.

SHOULDER TOP_edited-01

This weekend I decided to channel my awe and recreate a simpler version of their outfit. Despite it being a simpler version I still wanted the outfit to retain be slightly edgy thus I paired a puffy dress-which is supposed to resemble a hoop skirt- with an off the shoulder top. For the choice of colour I wanted to stick with neutral colors thus I paired the white skirt with a grey shirt.The grey shirt had white crosses on it thus it blended in smoothly with the white skirt. In terms of accessories, those ladies definitely used to go over the top, but I wanted to keep it simple once again so all I added was white chopsticks to my side bun. Their hairstyles were also meticulously curated to produce a final sophisticated look. I could have taken the time to duplicate their hairstyle but trying to figure out what works for me and what doesnʼt would have taken ages hence why I just went with a side bun.

I wore this outfit to a Sunday family brunch. I usually opt for oversized outfits whenever Iʼm at gatherings like this where I know Iʼll be stuffing my face like no manʼs business. This puffy dress, along with the amount of food I ended up eating were a perfect match. Due to the loose fit of the skirt towards the stomach area, I didnʼt have to worry about my food baby going peek-a-boo every time I moved.

Stay tuned for more Mikaesque posts~

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