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Today’s post will be focused on my monthly fave’s segment ‘This,These and That’. This post is way overdue and was supposed to go up last week, but life got in the way. Better late than never though, right? May started off rocky due to finals but things evened out and May ended up being great because I got to graduate!

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When you start something with a bam you definitely have to end it with a bam. That’s what I was aiming for with my graduation outfit yet life was testing me as I was unable to get the dress I had initially wanted to wear. Nevertheless things eventually worked out and I managed to get hold of another dress. This other dress that I got however managed to make it to the top of my monthly faves, and yeah, that’s a big deal.How I got this dress is quite a long story, but long story short, I did not choose it,someone else did. *Gasp* how could you let someone else choose a dress for you? Was it a stylist? And to answer those question you’ve probably got running through your head : nope! She was no stranger and we are actually really close. She knows my style inside and out, to say the least, and managed to choose something breathtaking! I’m usually reluctant to go with what others pick out for me… or if do end up going with it, I always have to tweak something. In this case though, there was nothing I could tweak! Have you guys or ever trusted someone else to pick your outfit for you? Would you be down for it… or are you too picky? Do share your thoughts below. I have to say, it is actually interesting to discover how others would interpret your sense of fashion and style though!

Beauty wise, these golden nails and this Miss Dior perfume managed to make it to the top of my faves list.

I’m the sort of person that cannot start their week with bad nails. Sundays are reserved for pamper days for me no matter what.Even on stressful weeks I have to somehow squeeze at least 15 minutes to pamper myself which includes a lil’ manicure session.I’d love to hear about your mandatory routine as part of your pamper day (which ensures that you present yourself as if you’ve got your life together) down in the comments below. Even if you’re falling apart on the inside you gotta keep those nails looking decent so people get the illusion that you’ve got your life together. The point of all that rambling is to point out how obsessed I was these nails I got. I’m a lover of all things shiny and bright so these nails along with all the shine on my dress, I have to say made me melt a little on the inside! It was really hard getting rid of them, I’m guilty of keeping them on for too long… but can you blame me! They were way too alluring to remove!

That one song that really resonated with me this May was B.O.B’s ‘ Big Kids’. Despite
having graduated it still hasn’t hit me for some reason.Fair enough though…everyone adjusts to things at different rates and everything will unfold in due time. The journey so far has been amazing, to those who have gone through it with me and supported me, I cannot thank you enough for being there! Here’s to a new chapter, adulting here we come!

Stay tuned for more Mikaesque posts~

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