The Art of BTS Shopping Part II

Hey guys,
In my last post which you can read here highlighted a 3 step approach you could take to ensure a non-stressful BTS shopping day.Today’s highlight is one BTS essential- in terms of clothes – which we could and need to pay more attention to as of this year: trousers, more specifically, jeans! I’ve also compiled a few outfit shots which you could perhaps use as inspo for styling your BTS outfits.

Despite getting the urge to buy every pretty thing we see on the racks, we have to be realistic haha. The items I consider as ‘essentials’ that make it on my annual BTS shopping list have to be hoodies: ripped jeans, graphic tees, floral jeans and dresses. As a lover of mix and matching, I opt for more colorful clothes though I have had phases where I splurged only on dark colours. For mix and matching purposes it would be better to have a combo of both dark and bright clothes. But of course, it’s totally up to you.

Most of the days we tend to wear jeans, either cause we’re too lazy to create capsule wardrobes or we always wake up late and have less time to get ready. Whatever the reason though, jeans are great! But this year try stepping up your jeans game, here are two ways which can help you to do so.

First let’s talk about at ripped jeans, you can go for the generic denim and black, or you can go further, and *drum rolls* choose to buy brightly colored ripped jeans instead. I got myself these turquoise ripped jeans which I absolutely adore. This year almost everyone was going crazy with the whole trend of pairing your ripped jeans with fishnet stockings underneath. I found this concept really cool but for lazy days, I knew that I wouldn’t go that far to make my outfit pop. That’s why when I noticed that instead of being empty where the rips are on the jeans, the pair I got had lace in the inside.I mean, how cool is that! You can simply wear the jeans as they are, and you’d give off the illusion that you were wearing lace stockings underneath when really it’s attached to the trousers itself! Also in our school, there were certain protocols we had to follow regarding the clothes we wore. Wearing excessively ripped jeans was a no-no but in my case, I had that lace behind the rips so I got away with wearing it haha.

Diverse ripped jeans are one way you can step up your jeans game, but here’s another alternative. On the same note of talking of coloured jeans, let’s step it up a notch and talk about patterned colour jeans! Yup, they exist! I got myself several pairs of floral jeans, one in a maroon shade, the other two were white but one had black floral patterns whereas the other had colorful floral patterns. The colorful floral trousers are super easy to mix and match, you can literally pick any colour from the variety of colors visible on the trousers and pick a shirt with a similar colour or even a different shade of that colour and you’re good to go! As for the black and white one, just pair it with a black or white hoodie if you’re in a rush. Whereas if you wanna dress it up, pair it with a fancy OTS top or blouse and voila you’re set.

That’s all for today! What particular clothing makes it to your annual BTS essentials shopping list? What clothing do you tend to always splurge on? Which was your fav look? Share your thoughts down below!

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