Nail Care Routine- Natural Nails

Since I’m so used to having nail polish all day, everyday. Only on rare occasions will you ever find me wandering around nail-polishless. And I know, giving your nails a breather is necessary. I mean it is, but I simply cannot go without polish.After a traumatic past experience with acrylic nails, I’ve vowed to never get close to them for a while.And ever since, I’ve been rocking my natural nails.I don’t have a go-to nail care routine that I stick by. But this I do have one, that’s fairly minimal, that I’ve stuck to for a while.Thus, I figured I’d share it with you guys.Along with my routine, I’ve also thrown in a few hacks that I’ve learnt throughout the years, that could also perhaps help you out as well, so read on.


Sundays are dedicated for refreshing my nails. Saturday nights I’ll remove my polish and let my nails have a breather till Sunday evening. If I’m short on time though, I’ll simply remove the polish Sunday morning and paint them that evening.These are the basic 4 steps that are essential to my routine.

Growing and Trimming

I have a 3 week interval between cuts. Basically, I grow out my nails for 3 weeks then when the third week comes I chop it off and let it grow again.

I’m a clean freak, and one pet peeve of mine is seeing people with long pretty nails but they’ve got grime under their nails. Like, no.

That isn’t, and shouldn’t, ever be acceptable. If you’ve painted your nails, alright at least keep letting me see the pretty painted side, and revert the focus off the other side. But if you haven’t painted your nails and simply grown your nails out and the grime is peeping out, then we have problems. People don’t go around with salad stuck in between their first two teeth do they? So why on earth would you be going around like that. If you’ve got the appropriate tools with you to remove the grime with you 24/7 then revert to using that. But if you’re in a rush there’s a here’s a hack for you.Take a small piece of paper. Fold it up into smaller pieces vertically and voila, use that to scoop that grime out.


I only file my nails right after a cut, making sure I file only in one direction. My nails have this thing where they start chipping if I file them on a continuous basis, so I refrain from doing that. Also once my nails pass the 3 week threshold they start doing their own thing. Instead of continuing at their original width, they start folding inwards and I end up with very oddly proportioned nails hence why I never grow it past that threshold.  And when cutting I make sure to  cut in one go, this prevents  my nails from unwanted splitting and cracking.  So far I’ve only pulled off square cuts, ‘cause honestly they’re far more easier to maintain and paint. Recently though. I’ve been intrigued by pointy cuts, if I end up trying them I’ll produce an updated nail care routine.

Battling with those cuticles

If my cuticles aren’t looking ragged, I’ll continue with my routine and go ahead and paint away. But if my cuticles are looking ragged, it’s a whole other story. That calls out for whisking out a simple DIY cuticle remedy.  I take 5 tablespoons of olive oil in a bowl, warm it in a microwave for 30 seconds and then I dip my unpainted nails in it for around 2 minutes. This remedy helps strengthen your nails and instantly moisturizes your cuticles. After taking out my hand from the oil, I massage the oil that is left on my nails in circular motions. And leave it in on for a few minutes before washing it and continuing with my routine. Another step I do alongside that remedy is pushing back my cuticles.Prior to this though I make sure to soak my hands in warm water for around 2 mins, which helps in softening the skin.


My first base always consists of a clear coat. This is one of the secrets to preventing nail damage while simultaneously allowing your polish to last.

I also finish off my routine by applying a final coat of clear polish as well, but both factors combined helps maintain the polish and prevents it from chipping.

Even if I’m using matte polish, I always start with a clear coat.

For applying the polish, I use the dot and drag method. Where I place the brush with the polish in the centre of my nail first then drag it upwards 3 times.If it’s polish that chips away easily, I’ll usually use two layers.To prevent excessive polish from staining my cuticles or the sides of my nails, I’ll either keep a q-tip soaked in nail polish remover on standby. Or if I remember, I’ll be sure to apply cuticle oil around my nails before I start painting.  I love seeing nail art on others, but I never find the time to do it for myself. When I manage to find time though, I’ll be sure to do a post dedicated to nail art on natural nails. It’ll be fun for sure.

As for my colour choice, I alternate between dark colors and light colors every week. Meaning if I have dark shade this week, I’ll have a light shade next week.

One thing that took me ages to figure out was how to remove dark colors with ease and prevent staining your fingers. Because, let’s face it dark colors are a pain and very messy to remove. Hack one is to use a strong base coat. Hack two on the other hand is to  apply cuticle oil around your nail and the tip of your nails, then remove the polish as you usually do. After that, soak your nails in warm lemon water for a few minutes and you’re good to go. I can assure you that both of these hacks have helped me remove dark polishes with ease.

Well, that’s it for my fairly minimal nail care routine on natural nails. Do you have a go-to nail care routine? Are you fan of long nails? Do you grow out your natural nails or do you opt to have gel or acrylic nails instead? Share your thoughts down below!

Stay tuned for more Mikaesque posts~

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  1. First of all, your natural nails are beautiful and lenghty. Love your tips and hacks to beautiful nails such as yours.

  2. I learned so much about nail care. I will put a base coat first now. You’d be horrified if you knew what my nail routine looked like. It’s pitiful.

  3. Natural nail care is so important! Both acrylic and gel can be pretty damaging after a while. It’s necessary to take a break.

  4. Elizabeth O says:

    This post is great for people looking to take better care of their natural nails. You gave really good advice.

  5. I really needed this post. Nail care is utmost important in enhancing the beauty of hands. Your tips are very useful.

  6. I took guitar lessons as a teen and had to keep my nails short. Ever since then, if they get too long they bother me! I usually let them grow until i can start to ‘feel’ them, if that makes sense. If I am noticing them more than once a day then it’s time for the chop!

  7. This is the most comprehensive post I’ve seen on nail care and I’ve learned a lot. Will be giving myself the olive oil treatment tomorrow and giving your hacks on cuticle oil and lemon juice a try! 👍🏼 Xo, Evelyn, PathofPresence.com 🦋

  8. I don’t have any nail care routine but I do get my manicure and pedicure once every month. You have given some amazing nail care tips in this post and I loved that red nail color, perfect for this season!

  9. Your routine is similar to mine, only I suck at keeping my nails looking pretty like I used to. The joy of being a mom! LOL I wish I had gorgeous nails like you. I can’t figure out how to keep the skin around my nails from cracking.

  10. Nailil says:

    Wow! Your nails are really long and pretty. Nail care is one of my favorite things to do but my nails are nowhere as long as yours.

  11. I am really not good at taking care of my nails, hands, and feet. I definitely need to start taking extra care of my hands and nails, they are the one who works the most all day, and with two little ones, I feel like they are wet all day. Thank you for sharing all the tips. I will give myself the olive oil treatment tomorrow.

  12. May I promote your article on FB? It’s really eloquent 🙂

    1. Thank you! And of course, feel free to do so.

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