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Hi guys,

A few weeks back I attended a fashion pop-up event for a local brand Nomad for their women’s clothing line launch.

Their name had intrigued me and I was keen to find out all about them, and of course, I was excited to see everything their line was going to reveal. When it comes to seeing new clothing line launches, and clothes in general, I basically get super excited. And I wasn’t wrong to go to the event with high hopes. I got to talk with both the founders and got to learn a lot about their story, which I will be sharing with you guys today along with photos from the event as well. So read on and find out all about Nomad.

First off let’s talk about their color choice. Their theme for their current drop consisted of grays and blacks. As a lover of dark colors, I was loving the vibes.

Second off their clothing consisted of sweater dresses, cropped tee’s both short and long sleeved, and vests. I really like how they used a variety of fabric. Most of the time, brands wait until seasons change to reveal certain fabrics, but here they revealed both thin fabrics and thick fabrics.


There was also a section where everyone got a sneak peek of what would be released at the next drop. Everything that was displayed here was very engrossing. From what was revealed on the current drop there was a major shift. Theme-wise it still consisted of greys and blacks but sophistication and design wise there was a major shift. This launch is going to be less basic and centered more on graphics, as you can see below.


I got a minute with the founders to discuss the whole concept of Nomad’s clothing launch. They’re both awesome and their determination and drive towards this line is evident. Initially, their name had intrigued me, and I was curious to find out about the story behind their choice of name. Since a ‘nomad’ is defined as ‘a person that moves from place to place’.Their intention of using ‘nomad’ though is to refer to the person who doesn’t have a single identity in one nationality, religion, or cultural framework. It’s about humbly learning from all people to have a chance of the truth.


The whole purpose of Nomad’s clothing line, as they explained to me, is from countries different cultural stories from  countries like Ethiopia, South Sudan, Somalia, and many more East African countries from a thousand years old. Nomad’s also stated that they want the graphic tees to be socially relevant, touching up on historical stories. There will be more stories to go along with the clothes. Ultimately though, they want the clothes to make people ‘think’.


The majority of the idea behind their brand is socialism. They stated that being in Ethiopia changed their points of view regarding socialism, capitalism and democracy.Their intent is to do everything thinking pro-Ethiopia, pro-East Africa and a little anti-western. They emphasized that they are anti-capitalists, despite the fact that they are selling things they are trying their best to make the products affordable and good quality. Their current launch definitely attest these two factors.All the fabrics they used were of extremely good quality, and the prices were fair too.


Essentially it is stories they want to tell through their clothing.They want to tell different stories from the west, stories that haven’t been told as much, that in fact deserve much more recognition than they got. There may also be stories that even criticize things we’ve learned of the west. One story I was able to learn about stories I had no clue about. For instance Queen Arawelo, a Somalian queen, insisted that all women across the land renounce their domestic duties, and started hanging men by their testicles.The strike was successful, creating a role reversal in society.This is something that is completely unexpected for an African queen to do, let alone a woman, yet it did happen. Nomad’s intend to shed light on stories like this that deserve way more recognition than they got. And this experience is definitely something that everyone should look forward to, cause I sure am looking forward to it myself.


Overall Nomad’s want to source original outwork from local artists, and try to bring back stories. In order to do so, they want to create an artist platform where designers and artists can collaborate, while simultaneously gaining profit. They intend to involve them in the process not just cut them out after getting hands on the artwork, which is the case most of the time in Ethiopia.  So if any local designers or artists here in Ethiopia want to be a part of this be sure to get in touch with them.

It’s rare to see clothing lines being developed here locally with a western touch to it, because most of the fashion designers here are focused on developing traditional clothing rather than putting their attention towards western clothing, at least from what I’ve seen so far.Seeing this turn of events with Nomad’s launch is definitely notable in the Ethiopian and East African industry. I honestly cannot wait to see their upcoming launches, and you should be excited as well.


Here are their links, make sure you follow them.


Stay tuned for more Mikaesque posts!

Mika xx

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  1. Fab clothes! those prints on tops looks great! I would so wear it. I am also smitten by your hair – you look like a doll

    1. Thank you so much! And yes, the prints are all so mesmerizing!

  2. Nailil says:

    It’s always so neat to discover new brands. Especially when they are local.

  3. I love it when a brand or company stands up for what they believe in. I honestly use my money to buy from companies that hold similar values as my own – especially charity and giving back. These are very stylish pieces.

  4. Interesting they are anti-western and anti-capitalist, but they are making money on a their clothing line!
    I think the graphics will do well.

  5. What a super brand event to attend! I’m not really a fashion follower but I have heard of this brand because of their ethics.

  6. Beautiful concept. I love brands that are unique and culturally conscious. Especially those that relate to travel in some way.


  7. Elizabeth O says:

    This sounds like a great brand to represent. I really like when companies stand strong on their beliefs and ethics. Great job.

  8. I love when companies have a true purpose behind their products. It makes the connection to the pieces much more genuine. I especially enjoyed the Queen Arawelo story.

  9. Love this look. I dont wear this look but I might give it a try. Great post

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