Mid-year Threshold

Hey everyone,

As we said our farewells to June, that marked the end of half of 2017! July literally whizzed by, nonetheless it was a great month! My blogging game was super weak this past month but I promise Iʼll get back on track this August. I have to say that itʼs been one roller coaster of half a year.Letʼs make the remainder of the year an epic one shall we? All that nostalgic vibe aside, lemme begin my mash up of July and June faves post.


Most of these past two months for me, was spent reuniting with friends and family. Rainy season has officially began where I am, and of course I decided to get into a lilʼ mischief and decided to go run and dance in the rain. It was fun in the moment, but the post-rain happiness left me with a cold. Of course I had to layer myself in endless clothes to nurse the bloody cold. In other words I wasnʼt able to be to dress as I wanted. But after recovering I started experimenting with flannels. You can definitely expect a post where I mix and match flannels soon. This specific flannel made it to my June faves list because I absolutely adore it, mainly because of the padded shoulders. You can tuck them in, leave them out, tie them as you will. Theyʼre too versatile! Tucking one side in and leaving the other side out was my go to look. To accessorize I added large earrings, you can either accessorize heavily or lightly, again it’s totally up to you.

This July I attempted this Instagram challenge which was style based: Style Me July- where I had a theme to follow for each day. I succeeded in completing 28/31 of the outfits. It was super fun and had to make it to my July faves list! You can go over to my Insta to see all the pics. Iʼm definitely up for doing another one soon! Probably not in August, but September maybe and if anyone is up for doing a style based challenge feel free to!

June was also the month of Ramadan and to all my fellow muslim readers, I hope you had a blessed month of Ramadan! Iʼve got several family friends who are muslim and by spending time with them during Ramadan over the years Iʼve come to learn a lot about Ramadan traditions and fall in love with these stunning tradition. From the afternoons spent cooking feasts, to the actual feast with the entire family when their fast is finally broken at Iftar, to the Eid preparations, everything is amazing! Woah I straight up sound like a foodie which I am btw – and you may get the perception that I only adore it for the feasts, but I promise itsʼs not just that- itʼs also everything in between. Iʼve grown up with these ramadan traditions, and have come to love them! Thus they had to make it to my monthly faves for June! As for July, I got my hands on these embroidered jeans and I fell in love! When I was younger I had so many pairs of embroidered jeans but then I grew out of them and I couldnʼt get my hands on a pair that fit, but when I finally got my hands on these jeans I felt complete <3

That one series I was really digging in June was Girlboss. Itʼs a real shame there wonʼt be a second season though. Itʼs soo irritating to find out that a show you were digging wonʼt be returning for a second season, especially when they make the finale end with a cliffhanger! like whyyy! We deserve closure! But then again when itʼs books that are adapted into movies, you can always go read the book. Or if youʼre the sort of person that reads a book prior to watching what its been adapted into and you thought the adaptation was a let-down I guess the news of cancellation make you happy haha. For July the series that made it to the top of my faves list would be ‘The Handmaidʼs Taleʼ. I cannot wait for the second season of ‘The Handmaidʼs Taleʼ I was disappointed to find out that there was no second book to it, but hopefully if the second season doesnʼt get cancelled itʼll definitely be great!

Thatʼs it for my June and July faves mashup. Anything form my list manage to make it to yours? Do leave your thoughts down below!

Stay tuned for more Mikaesque posts~

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