Micro Thoughts, Macro Shots

I’m back this week to introduce a new series: Micro Thoughts, Macro Shots. The name is pretty self-explanatory but basically, the post Iʼll make will be based on a micro thought which inspired me to take the macro shot of an outfit look.


This week the micro thought that inspired me to create this weekʼs look, is Valentine’s Day…or rather White Day. So I’m half Japanese (fact of the day ) and Valentine’s day celebration takes a different turn in Japan. Not only is it celebrated twice a year, but there is also a set of rules men and women actually have to follow. Valentine’s day occurs on Feb 14th as the norm, and then White day occurs the following month on March 14th. On February 14th females give the males present whereas on March 14th males give the females presents. Although this is a fun tradition, not everyone follows it. My parents, being the rebels that they are, actually celebrate it the other way round and tbh it makes no difference. For us ladies, it’s more exciting to get presents first though I guess, then there’s the whole best for the last thing. Ladies comment below when you’d prefer receiving your presents!

Perhaps not everyone likes dressing up for occasions, but if youʼre like me you
love using such occasions to dress up. Is an occasion even an occasion if you donʼt dress up for it though?! Everyone has their preferences though. Anywho this macro shot is the look I pulled off for this White Day. I paired maroon shorts with a sheer-sleeved shirt. The french braids and the lipstick were musts to
maintain a somewhat sophisticated look.

Stay tuned for more Mikaesque posts~

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