Lovebirds, Free Wings, Ruffled Feathers

Apologies in advance if today’s bird imagery disturbed you in any way, but it goes with the theme of Valentine’s Day so bear with me. Despite whether you’re involved in something or not, celebrate today for the sake of it. I’ve compiled a list of 3 activities requiring minimal efforts, that one can partake in this Valentine’s Day. With slight adjustments, all 3 can be used for the lovebirds, the single free wings and those with ruffled feathers.


All the single ladies aka the ‘free wings’, you can be cynical about love and still make the most of today. You can either opt for a Galentine’s Day with your favorite gals or you can opt for a pamper session. If your girlfriends are up for it, get each other something. This has actually become a Valentine’s Day tradition for me and my girlfriends.  In addition to this, feel free to have a ladies night in or out. If you’re not up for having a Galentine’s Day, then have a pamper day. Do whatever you’ve been meaning to do in terms of pampering yourself. Whether it’s indulging those cravings you’ve been having or even having a random shopping spree, go for it girl! True, Sundays are reserved for pamper days. But hey, a midweek pamper day won’t hurt nobody.

Have you managed to ruffle your other half’s feathers and are you currently having a fallout? Use this day to your advantage, and smooth those ruffled feathers out. Put your differences and pride aside and reach out and make your lover’s day. Yeah, you had a fallout, but you are eventually going to find your way back to each other. So be the bigger person and extend your hand. Drop all those cheesy lines, make your significant other smile. Start with a small gesture and the rest will follow.

And you lovebirds out there, do your thing. You guys lasted this long for a reason, you both know how to make each other happy. So I can’t start dropping advice in that department. Just make each other’s day.

And here is the promised 3 ultimate Valentine’s Day activity list requiring minimal effort.

1)Jam it out

Free wings: Blast your all time love songs and sing along, you can do this with your girls or throughout your pamper sesh .

Lovebirds: You probably have songs that you’ve claimed to be ‘yours’, sing along to these together. You can even have an impromptu karaoke sesh. The whole point of this is to laugh at each other for being off-tune or singing the wrong lyrics, just be sure to have fun with it

Ruffled Wings: Not sure how to word your apology, shut up and let the music do the talking for you. You can either create your own playlist or if you need help, fret not there are thousands of playlists online which you can use as inspiration.

2)Cook away

I did say that I’m mentioning activities that require minimal effort and I may contradicting that with this suggestion, but hear me out.

Free wings: If your gals are coming over make everyone bring over 1 dish and then you can combine everything and feast it out- aka a potluck. Pampering also involves pampering your stomach, so whatever you’ve been craving make it- or buy it! There are those who find cooking therapeutic as well, in that case, feel free to go to town with the cooking.

Lovebirds: Try out a new recipe together. Neither of you interested in cooking? That’s okay, have some fun and attempt recipes that take less than 30 minutes to prepare perhaps.

Ruffled Feathers: Are you blessed with cooking skills? Cook a mind-blowingly awesome meal, and serve that alongside a large portion of apologies. There’ll be some reluctance before touching the serving of apologies, but give it your all and that shall do the trick.

3)Sprinkle some creativity

Whether you are willing to want to admit it or not, you’ve got creativity in you. The thing about being creative is that you often struggle with finishing one thing. Obviously, if you’re a perfectionist, it will be hard to just put minimal effort into it. But if you’re really determined to, you will accomplish whatever you want to with ease. Thus for this day, if you play your creative card right, you’ll be able to produce something with minimal effort.

Free wings: If you’ve had some creative idea you’ve been meaning to get to but simply had no time, try it out today! Just put in the work without worrying too much about everything being perfect.The whole point of it is to feel like you channeled your creativity properly and efficiently in just a day. Implementing creativity throughout your pamper sesh can be the simplest thing such as doing some nail art. It’s all about the feeling of satisfaction you’ll get for deciding to be creative.

Lovebirds: Nothing beats romantic gestures especially when they have a touch of personal creativity added to them. You an artistic person? Produce an agonizingly artistic piece for your other half. You blessed in the cooking department? Cook something they’ve never seen before. I can go on and on, but the point I want to get across is that whatever you decide to do for your other half, add a dash of personal creativity and remind them what they signed up for. It gives a sense of intimacy and there’s nothing cuter than seeing someone raving about what they’re enthusiastic about. And it’s a plus when that someone is your other half.

Ruffled Feathers: In this case, you seriously have to step up your creativity. Don’t offer any old apology! Perhaps make a super romantic video if you’re up for that. Or maybe make an album of all the photographs of your good memories. If you’ve been blessed with a voice, remake a song and sing it. Or hey, write and sing your own song and win your lover’s heart back. You got this! Use whatever skill you have and pair it with a gallon of creativity.

My Valentine’s Day activities change from year to year, and I figured I’d share with you these 3 activity ideas I’m considering to partake in this year.

What category do you fall under this year? Have you got anything special planned? Do share your thoughts down below in the comments, I’d love to hear them.

Stay tuned for more Mikaesque posts~

Mika xx

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  1. I will definitely try one of these!

  2. I LOVE these! You had me at “minimal effort”. LOL. For real, these look great.

  3. Love this article! I’ll definitely be cooking today. Therapeutic AND a tasty result 🙂

  4. Mosaics Lab says:

    Super love the suggestions, thank you so much!!! Great read.


  5. Angell says:

    Jamming out and cooking? Sold! I do this every day not just Valentine’s Day!

  6. I am so loving this! Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  7. Catherine Santiago Jose says:

    These such a great ideas to do today for Valentine’s Day and I will try some of these but definitely I am going to try the one that only needs a minimal efforts.

  8. This so true! Pampering yourself that includes your stomach! Great article!

  9. Some interesting ideas for the valentines, I hope I can remember this for my next valentines day.

  10. I love the idea of exchanging gifts with girlfriends; I hadn’t heard of Galentine’s until this year and I think it’s such a cool idea!

  11. These are some great activity ideas. I love the idea of jamming out – whether you’re single and with your friends or with the one you love.

  12. these all look great! I gotta try them next year

  13. Great suggestions! I think no matter what you can make the most of V-Day and celebrate in any way. Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

  14. These are all such great ideas for Valentines or really any date night! I’ll have to use sons of these for my hubby!

  15. Those were really a great idea this special dayn I have to try treating myself now.

  16. I love these ideas!!! Especially as a single bird!!

  17. Great advice! I treated myself to a slice of cake and a beach walk

  18. All of these sound like great activities for this weekend. Cant wait to try them.


    Elizabeth Keene

  19. Great and creativity ideas that could be used any day of the week. Love this article!

  20. I am super creative so I try to give the gift of creativity often. Also food is love so cooking is also a good option!

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