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Hey guys,

Iʼve been nominated for the Liebster recognition award by the lovely Sophia and the lovely Diana *happy dance* It may seem trivial but I feel that my presence in the blogging community is now official *hair flip* Theyʼre two different versions so Iʼve broken up this post into part 1 and part 2 .For part 1 I basically have a set of questions which Sophia gave me and I will be answering them through the first half of this post. I will also at the end of the first part leave a list of blogs Iʼve nominated to answer the questions Iʼve left for them. For the second half I will be addressing Dianaʼs questions as well as nominating 15 other bloggers at the end.

I hope you guys get to know a lilʼ more about me with my answers. Youʼll definitely be finding out about my minion obsession! Now letʼs get started shall we!


The rules of this award:
1.Post the award on your blog along with the badge
2.Thank the blogger who nominated you for this award and link back to their
3.Nominate 11 blogs
4.Notify theses bloggers of the nomination
5.Answer 11 questions you have been given and give your nominees 11
questions to answer.

1.What is one thing in this whole entire world that you have always wanted?
-A walk in closet plus a beauty room thatʼs colour coordinated

2.What is the most romantic/cutest thing anyone has ever done for you?
– Disclaimer: Iʼve got a major obsession with minions! So two best friends of
mine got me these two minion related gadgets as presents, one was a DIY phone case and one was a minion power pack. Receiving them seriously made me melt a lilʼ on the inside <3 If I ever face a zombie apocalypse Iʼll def. make sure to grab these two, cause like maybe they will be able to grant me access to the minion world, who knows hahaha. I’ll put a picture of them towards the end.

3.How long have you been blogging for?Can you remember the exact date? -4 months, I started March 4th, 2017.

4.If you could change the blogging community in any way, how would you change it and why?
– Perhaps make it easier to connect/find millennial bloggers out there. But I still love how there is a variety of generations out there in the blogosphere. Itʼs interesting reading about their perspectives on things and also getting back their feedback on our perspectives. After all blogging is about sharing different perspectives right 😉

5.Do you have a talent?
-I speak seven languages 🙂 all at different levels though

6.If you had to rant about something right now, what would it be?
-Procrastinating is a nasty hole to get lured into! Itʼs too easy to get lured into,but too hard to get out off! When you donʼt feel like doing something just take a break and return to it later. Donʼt push yourself or force yourself into doing something when you just have no motivation to do so, because thatʼs the one-way ticket to procrastination land. Despite saying this I have been procrastinating a lot recently.

7.Favourite go to movie?
-Despicable me <3 Cannot wait to watch the third one!

8.What question do you hate to answer?
– “ Do you pronounce your name as My-kah or Mee-kah?” Umm do you pronounce Pikachuʼs name as “Pie-kachu”? Nooo! So why on earth would you pronounce my name as My-kah?! *Sigh*but I still answer it either way.

9.How do you unwind from a stressful day?
– Block everyone out, jump into my fav jumpsuit, and pamper myself as if thereʼs no tomorrow: which consists of 30% skin care, 60% stuffing my face with my unhealthiest cravings, 5% online clothes shopping and another 5% looking at anything minion related.

10.Favourite number? -Three

11.What is your good deed for the day?
– I shared my umbrella with someone! I usually despise sharing my umbrella with people, especially tall people because I always end up wet. But this time the person I shared it with was shorter than me so all was good.

The bloggers I nominate are:
My Questions for you:
1.Whatʼs one thing you want to achieve in the coming month?
2.What motivated you to start a blog?
3.When is your next trip and where will it be?
4.Whatʼs your go to snack?
5.What is one thing you really want to learn?
6.Favourite colour?
7.Which social media platform do you prefer?
8.What do you dislike about blogging? (Be honest!)
9.If you could upgrade anything in your life right now, what would it be?
10.What is one thing you wish you didnʼt know about at all?
11.What is your pet peeve?

This is Dianaʼs version of the liebster award which I was nominated for. There are a few steps you have to take as you accept this award:
1.Include who nominated you and a link to their blog
2.Nominate 15 the bloggers for the award
3.Write a post about how and why you started your blog.
4.Give new bloggers two pieces of advice/
5.Notify the bloggers youʼve nominated about the award and a link to the post

How and why I started this Blog

How I started this blog is actually a funny story. Iʼve always adored fashion,clothes and dressing up. I was having a conversation with one best friend of mine about clothes one day and somehow we started talking about blogs. At
that time I just laughed it off and said that maybe someday Iʼd do it. Ever since that day she continuously urged me to start a fashion blog.I am clueless when it comes to the world of coding and all. We somehow found a simple platform forme to start the blog on. So I did start, but being the lazy person I am it took me
forever to set everything up. She helped me loads: from helping me to takeoutfit pictures to motivating me to publish posts. She was starting out with heryoutube when I started my blog. So one afternoon we decided to publish our
content at the same time. She pressed publish to my first ever post and I pressed publish to her first video, then we squealed our hearts out hahaha. But Iʼm glad she pushed me to start a blog cause I have come to fall in love with
blogging! Why I started this blog, well this blog will document a lot of what Iʼm wearing and occasionally you guys will get a lilʼ peek of the latest mischief Iʼm getting up to. Iʼm really also into mix and matching clothes and I want to inspire more people to start mix and matching their clothes.

My advice to new bloggers

1.I’ve ranted about this earlier but donʼt do anything when you donʼt feel like
doing it! Yeah itʼs nice having new content up, but when youʼre unmotivated or
just not feeling it, donʼt force yourself to produce anything. Itʼs better
producing something you like when you like. You may not think your readers will
notice but trust me they will.
2. Do what YOU wanna do, after all your blog is YOUR platform and a representation of you and your thoughts. Just be you and donʼt try to be like other bloggers out there. Itʼs okay to get inspiration from others but please for
the love of minions,just be you.

The bloggers I nominate

Feel free to show some love to any of the lovely bloggers mentioned above,theyʼve got killer blogs!

Stay tuned for more Mikaesque posts~

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