Knots of Sophistication

Hey guys,

I am officially back now after those seemingly endless weeks of finals that drained the sleep, joy and energy out of me! As I bid farewell to exams, I get to reunite with my closet and finally have a normal sleep cycle! Let’s kick off today’s ‘Micro thought, Macro Shot’ on a happy note then shall we?


The micro thought that inspired this look is my curiosity of how people can pull off neck scarves. I have never tried these before but I’ve always been intrigued by them. So I experimented with them this weekend, for a wedding I had to attend,and now I am obsessed. Rainy season is almost here where I am right now, so I figured I’d get the most of the sun left this season.For the macro shot, I paired this purple dress with a white and purple floral Mario Valentino scarf and added pointy cat heeled cream flats to complete the look.

The dress alone would have been quite basic, so as I knotted the neck scarf I was able to add some sophistication to the look. I guess in the winter or more colder days I could mix and match this dress with a turtleneck and thigh high boots. However, that would mean I’d have to get rid off the scarf, so perhaps I could pair it with a super long trench coat instead and keep the scarf… I’ll update you guys if I ever try that out.

Since it was also my first time with neck scarves, I refrained from accessorizing heavily.In terms of accessories, I stuck with a simple purple ring. I thought adding long earringswould have clashed with the scarf. Though thinking back on it, I could have worn stud earrings, that wouldn’t have clashed or taken the attention away from the scarf.

Overall though, wearing the neck scarf was an interesting experience. You can tie them into all sorts of knots. You can adjust the looseness/fastness to your liking. And you can use any material or length of your preference. For colder days you could opt for warmerones whereas for warmer days you could opt for lightweight ones such as silk.

I have to say, I am definitely going to be adding more of these neck scarves to my closet.I cannot wait to experiment with more of these and add knots of sophistication to future outfits I style.

What are your thoughts on these neck scarves? Do you intend to try these neck scarves or are you already a regular wearer of these? Share your thoughts in the comments below, I’d love to hear them!

Stay tuned for more Mikaesque posts~

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