Kill It at Killing Time

I’ve recently been doing a lot of this, so I figured i’d make a post on it. When you really wanna do it, you struggle. When you don’t wanna do it, you also struggle isn’t that the case with most of the things we attempt in life though ?Whether we try our best, or not try at all we still end up struggling. I mean, it’s only human. Here are 7 ways you can kill time and not struggle. Have a read if you feel like you’re struggling at killing it at killing time.


Have some me-time
Whether or not you wanna kill time you gotta do this at some point throughout your week or even day! If you’ve got seemingly endless tasks you gotta tackle, go have your me-time first then jump into it head on. This way you’ll have a clear head. You’ll be less likely to kill time. If you instead try to simply work and hustle and avoid me time all the way, you’ll most likely end up killing time. i.e. spending 90% of the time you’re supposed to be working on worrying about your ratchet nails, or about that meal you never got to eat.

This may fall under your me-time activities, but hey do it again if you wanna! Getting annoying thoughts and feeling restless when you’re meant to be working your butt off can be draining! Also if you’re planning to be up to no good, kill your time doing so instead. Read some inspiring scripture, or clear up your negative mindset by meditating.

Yeah, most people’s idea of killing time is by sitting down and literally doing nothing but hey, nothing’s more pleasing than finally tackling that war-zone of a closet of yours, or that super contaminated phone of yours that’s been screaming ‘clean me’ for weeks.

Shower your pet with affection
There is nobody that wants to work when their pet is going cuckoo over not being fed or not going on their daily walk.And imagine being in their place! Not so nice to be neglected huh?Yeah, I thought so. So dedicate some of this time towards those beautiful creatures, they honestly deserve every single minute of it!

Sort your phone or desktop out
Most of us (including myself) complain about phone storage issues almost 24/7 but do we actually make the time or find the time to do anything about it?! No! Get rid of those 19876543 unnecessary memes-however painful it might be. We live in the world of 24/7 Instagram access! You can literally go back to that account and find the meme again if desperate measures arise!

Talk to someone
It’s really irritating when you have something to say to a person, but you’re very occupied so you have to put it off. No! Nobody can continue working in that condition. Pause the work and go talk to that person, get everything out of the way, deal with it then proceed with your work. If you’ve got some catching up to do with friends or family, use this time to do that. Aside from catching up and venting, you should also go meet new people and get out of your comfort zone!If you’re up for talking to someone, it shouldn’t be that hard. Get out of your comfort zone, meet new people, visit your neighbors, phone a friend, or a family member and chat away.

Well that concludes my list of 7 ways you can kill it at killing time. Have you got a go to routine for when you want to kill time productively? Are any of the activities I mentioned a part of your routine? Do share your thoughts down below!

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  1. Wow such a great post! I really need to get on track again!

    1. Thanks! And good luck with that!

  2. Hi Mika. I enjoyed reading your post and completely agree.

  3. I love this!! I feel like it’s the little things you often push to the side saying ‘I have no time’. Well this is the perfect time to do it. Meditation is a game changer for me!!

  4. Thanks for this post! I feel like me-time is so necessary

  5. Yes to everything on this list, especially hanging with your pets! I live for moments when I can hang out with my dog, she’s just so happy and it makes me happy to spend time with her! Definitely a huge stress reliever!

  6. Kelly Edgar says:

    This post had some great reminders, I especially loved the me time and mediate paragraphs.

  7. these are some really great tips!! 🙂

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