This, These and That – June 2018 Edition

It feels like just yesterday that I was compiling my list for my June faves edition of This, These and That, but somehow it’s been a year. So many changes have taken place since then, but I’m not here to highlight those changes, instead, I’m here to share the things that made it to my monthly faves list for this month.


This jacket is something that’s been sitting in my wardrobe for a while now. I’ve been saving it for the rainy season, and now that it’s finally here I decided to try it out and I am absolutely in love with it, hence why it made it to the top of my monthly faves list. It’s a puffer jacket with a gingham touch to it. I absolutely cannot wait to style it differently and try out different looks with it by mix and matching it.

For the first wear, I simply paired it with black jeans creating a very basic look. Stay on the look for a lookbook where I’ll be trio-styling it over on my YouTube channel. I’ll be sure to notify you guys when that lookbook video goes live, stay tuned for that!

These horoscope providers have become my new go-to providers.I’ve always been into astrology and horoscopes.I’m not a hardcore believer of every single thing that’s stated on there nevertheless, I like reading what is foreseen for me though. I don’t know…it’s weird to describe it. Anywho I was the sort of person that checked my horoscope daily…that was until my subscription disappeared. I don’t know how that happened but the ones that used to provide mine daily to me went AWOL. I stopped doing the daily reading and rather opted to do monthly and weekly readings. I went around and tried a few sites for a few days until I landed on this one called AstroStyle. I’ve been doing my weekly readings throughout June on their service and I’ve been enjoying it hence why they made it to my monthly faves list. If you’re a horoscope person check their site out, I definitely recommend it.

That one series I started was Killing Eve and it has been the highlight of my Mondays every week. I’ve always been intrigued by dark, and twisted plots and this show fulfilled all that dark stuff along with a touch of humour and it was a very interesting show to watch.  After finding out that the show was based on a book I looked high and low for the book. This was the first time I watched something prior to reading the book and it definitely was a different experience.

Here are the links to both the book and the show in case you want to check it out.

That’s it for my edition of June’s This, These and That.  Did anything from my list make it to your monthly faves list? Let me know in the comments down below.

Stay tuned for more Mikaesque posts~

Mika xx

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