How To Extend The Lifetime Of Your Clothes

This post is inspired by a cringe-worthy moment I experienced earlier this week. So, first of all, let me break down what I saw.There was this man dressed in quite a fancy manner, he had paired a leather jacket with these eye-catching trousers. This was what I had observed from behind. I was trailing him with my eyes (sorry if that sounds creepy but his outfit had intrigued me), he then made a turn to cross the street and what I saw next was what traumatized me. From behind, the leather jacket looked perfectly fine, but the front of the jacket was another story. The front of the leather jacket had several patches. One where the leather was non-existent at all and the remaining patches you could literally see the leather that was crumbled and dangling… after a few wears it would probably peel off too.

Lesson learned: never get your expectations up when an outfit is intriguing from behind!

I regretted my decision of deciding to be eager to see what his outfit looked like from the front, but hey at least I can use this experience to share these tips of taking care of your clothes and extending their lifetime with you guys.

I am all pro- wear- what -you- want- when-you-want, but I find it really heartbreaking to see clothes in bad conditions. If we spend fortunes on a certain clothing item or accessory we go above and beyond to make sure it stays in top condition. However, we often neglect clothes we didn’t spend fortunes on, but that shouldn’t be acceptable.

Perhaps the guy was in a rush or perhaps he intended to wear it like that, and I shouldn’t be all judgmental and cut him some slack. But if it was simply out of not knowing how to properly take care of his jacket, I figured there’d be others in the same boat as him and they deserve to know these tips. So I decided to make this post on preserving your clothing and making your clothes remain in top condition even though you’ve had it for years. Read on to discover these tips.

Washing, storing and wearing are all factors that contribute to the lifetime of clothes. I focused the tips on these 6 categories of clothing for today. Denim, leather, faux fur, silk, scarves, and sweaters. I feel like these are the categories that require more attention and care.



Denim shouldn’t be washed too often as this will make the color fade faster. And when it is being washed, it should always be washed in cold water and also should be turned inside out as this helps to prevent the color from fading. One tip I learned myself a few years back is to add two spoons of salt along with the detergent. Apparently this helps set the dye when any denim is washed for the very first time.


Two things leather hates is direct sunlight and not getting air. Direct sunlight can make the leather’s color fade or even cause spotty discoloration. As for not getting air, leather should be allowed “to breathe”, leather lasts much longer if it’s exposed to dry air. It should never be stored in a plastic bag or such. Also, leather should never be dipped in water or be washed with a washing machine. Something I tragically had to discover the hard way was that leather does not respond well to any perfume or cologne. So if the inside has a cover it’s better to apply perfume there rather than directly onto the leather.


Something that tends to happen to shirts as they age is either they become super loose or shrink and in the case of graphic tees, the print starts disappearing.

Employing natural methods to dry shirts after washing, and ironing shirts inside out can aid with the two issues respectively. Utilizing bleach should also be avoided as much as possible since improper usage can cause substantial damage. Rather resort to natural methods to get rid of stains such as with lemon, vinegar or salt, and water mixtures.

Faux Fur

Faux fur is the softest and fluffiest clothing ever and is probably the clothing that is quite high maintenance. Faux fur is susceptible to becoming distorted from too much wear, dry cleaning or excessive heat. It’s recommended to wash faux fur clothing via hand washing with a gentle detergent, and allowing it to drip dry away from direct sunlight. High heat causes the faux fur fibers to melt which spoils the overall look of the clothing, and this damage is often irreversible. After washing the faux fur clothing may slightly look tangled. This can be fixed either by gently brushing it with a soft bristled brush. Another alternative is to make a DIY spray to brush the fur with consisting of a mixture of 2 cups of water and a teaspoon of hair conditioner, which can then be placed in a spray bottle and used.

Cardigans and sweaters

For storing sweaters and cardigans, it’s actually better to fold them rather than hanging them to avoid unwanted stretching. Pilling(the formation of small balls of fluff) is an issue that we have to tackle as sweaters age, and they can actually be removed to preserve the look of the sweater or cardigan. To do so, one can purchase an electric shaver and run it a few times across these balls of fluff and make them all disappear. Sure it may be time-consuming, but it leaves your sweater or cardigan looking brand new.


Whether it’s silk, cashmere or wool scarves, they should all be handled with care. When not wearing it, scarves should be folded without creasing it, and stored in a dark dry drawer or box. Scarves can also be hung over a padded hanger in your closet. It is also safe to iron scarves at low temperatures.


Any clothing made out of silk is also high maintenance. Silky items should be kept out of strong sunlight or direct heat. Any stains should lightly be rubbed with a sponge or brush. Severely stained clothing should be dry-cleaned. Like faux fur clothing, silk should also be hand washed with a mild detergent and should drip dry.

Those are all the tips I can offer today, I intentionally made them brief and touched upon the basic tips to extend the lifetime of your clothes. If you want more details pertaining to taking care of your clothes, or if you have any specific requests do say so in the comments and I will get back to you. Do you strictly follow any of these tips already? Or do you have any tips you would like to share? Share them down below!

Stay tuned for more Mikaesque posts~

Mika xx

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