Tints of Retro

Tints of Retro

I thought Iʼd start this blog off with a lilʼ throwback. Not only did my passion for fashion emerge back in the days, but my creative side got unleashed back then too.

Iʼm sure we all have that one clothing article that we canʼt stop wearing. As a child, I had this jean dress that I absolutely loved and couldnʼt stop wearing! I had tons of pictures with it, but every time I wore it I managed to add a lilʼ something to it. Iʼd either mess around with my motherʼs red lipstick and bring out those complementary colors or I’d wear a white turtle neck underneath the dress and make that the highlight of the outfit.

Of course at this point I had no idea that this was “mix and matching” and that it was a thing that existed. However, my mix and matching skills didnʼt last long and sadly went AWOL for quite a while.


With this platform my ultimate goal is to show you all that sure you can keep on getting new clothes, and trust me I loveee getting new clothes, but mix and matching is the actual fun part.

Let’s have another throwback to a wardrobe crisis my friend had encountered once a blue moon ago. So she had to attend a party but was freaking out about wearing them same outfit she wore that day to the party which was in two days. Of course I could have simply urged her to go shopping, but itʼs situations like these a girlʼs gotta take advantage of. This exact moment was also what happened to spark my interests in mix and matching back to life. Feeling inspired, I told her to calm down and that we could create a new outfit out of what she was wearing with a few tweaks. Her response to this: “thereʼs no way to fix this, whatʼs everyone going to thinkʼʼ verbatim! So we ended up making these small tweaks and managed to come up with an extremely sophisticated final look. Unfortunately life wasnʼt all about documenting looks on social media back then, so the look wasn’t documented. However, from then on Iʼve brought mix and matching back into my life and now here I am to present my mix and matched outfits to you guys! Follow me as I mix and match and take it to a whole other level. It’s not about a specific color, it’s all about the shades you can derive from that color!

Stay tuned for more Mikaesque posts ~

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