Exploiting Embroidery

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Iʼm planning to start a new series this month but I didnʼt want to bring an end to this series either, so say hello to my Triplicity Thursdays series once again. As I ranted about in my June/July faves post, I managed to get my hands on embroidered jeans after a very very long time! And as cliche as it may sound it definitely made me feel complete <3 So I decided to trio style it.They have to be one of the easiest clothing you could possibly style for any occasion and season.


Look one:
This look is perfect for lazy summer days, or if you need to leave in a rush. I simply paired the jeans with a cropped off the shoulder top. The beauty of embroidery is that there are lots of colors involved. This means that embroidered articles of clothing are perfect for mix and matching purposes. In this case, for the colour choice of my top I went with a shade of red.
**Tip one: Have fun playing around with the colour of your top, simply pick one colour from the embroidery and choose a shade thatʼs either darker or lighter.

Look two:
This look would be apt for days where you wanna be formal but not too formal.For this look I paired it with a white blouse which I also tucked in. Choosing a simple and basic blouse will help make the jeans the highlight of the look, and also help balance everything out.
**Tip two:If you feel like going all out there and being all extra, you can always pair the jeans with a fancier blouse. Iʼd complete the look with some loafers but you can equivalently pair it with flats or even sneakers.

Look three:
If youʼre having a bad hair day of course you want all the attention away from your hair, so what better way is there to that than by wearing embroidered jeans?! You can simply pair the jeans with a basic tank top and to blend everything together nicely, hide all your hair with a head wrap. If youʼre not a head wrap sorta person, donʼt fret! You can always use the scarf as a neck scarf. Another option you could consider is to pair the body suit with the jeans
which is a definite perfect duo.
**Tip three:If you want to go the extra mile to make sure no attention goes to your hair you can also choose to wear a body suit, just in the same way that there are basic tank tops there are also basic body suits. But for the sake of reverting the attention from your hair to your outfit, you can choose to wear a body suit with an open back perhaps or one with different patterns on it. Be sure to have fun with it!

Honestly, not only are embroidered jeans awesome for styling this summer, but theyʼre also super comfortable! The latter probably depends on your choice of jeans, I.e. whether you opt for boyfriend/mom jeans or skinny jeans. I definitely recommend that you get yourself a pair- or more-if you already donʼt own one!

What was your favourite look out of the three? How would you choose to style yours the next time you wear them? Are you intrigued by embroidered jeans yet? Leave all your thoughts down below!

Stay tune for more Mikaesque posts~

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