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First of all, let me admit that Iʼm a self-confessed clothes junkie. As a result of being a clothes junkie, I’m a victim of overflowing clothes, and this tends to get overwhelming at times. Umm isnʼt every fashion blogger a victim too I hear you ask, apparently not! There are fashion bloggers out there that are all about
minimalism, and I absolutely respect them for this! Iʼm always seeking to find a solution to maximize this overwhelming feeling. Of course there are the topthree obvious solutions I can resort to:
1. Stop shopping
2.Get rid of some things
3.Get a larger closet.

Trust me Iʼve tried all these solutions before, but they only serve as temporarysolutions. The root of my problems I realized was FOMO , the other cause of it:privileges. Yeah, every fashion enthusiast/bloggerʼs dream is to have closets
with endless clothes. Yeah, we all get urges to splurge out and get something fancy. Some people tend to take this privilege for granted or simply misuse it and this definitely has itʼs consequences. Which for me is the case of my overwhelming closet! You can however use the consequences to your advantage! Read on to find out how 🙂

In our current society where FOMO (fear of missing out) shadows us, we need
to learn to tackle the FOMO before it tackles us. The concept of FOMO isnʼt only applicable to clothes, but almost everything in our lives. Yet this post will be focusing on the concept of FOMO in relation to clothes. All things vintage are coming back as ‘new trendsʼ, and weʼre here splurging our money on these gorgeous ancient creations, for the sole purpose of not missing out and also because weʼre privileged. Letʼs face it, would it hurt to go digging in your parentʼs/relatives closet of clothes they no longer want. Youʼd definitely find vintage clothing there! Then all that would be require of you would be to tailor whatever ‘vintageʼ thing you find to your liking.Or if that isnʼt an option you can always go thrifting!Obviously these two methods wouldnʼt hurt you as much as going all out there to buy these clothes from posh retail stores. Itʼd be a win- win, both for your money and you- as you wouldnʼt be missing out on that trend.

I always used to judge those people that went all out there for a single event to buy that one ‘perfect outfit’, but then theyʼd end up not wearing that outfit ever again. Pshh rich people problems Iʼd always used to say… until I somehow managed to get caught up in it myself. Iʼve still got outfits I had bought for certain events just sitting in the back of my closet. And they look so sad! They were just worn once for whatever event I had gotten them for and then never been touched again. I came to a realization that my problem was that I couldnʼt figure out how to mix and match them. With my blog, my main goal is to present the infinite possibilities one outfit can be styled into if itʼs effectively mix andmatched. Thus these outfits are def on my list of outfits to mix and match and present to you guys on this blog! Any fancy outfit can be adjusted to form a basic outfit, just in the same way that a basic outfit can be tailored into something fancy.

We need to keep in mind that trends will go and come but the latter always turns out to be temporary. No trend ever permanently disappears. Thus the future will definitely will be us battling against FOMO and supposed ‘new trendsʼ that in fact existed a while back. Gosh that sounds so cynical… but taking small measures now will definitely give us the upper hand. Iʼve compiled 7 steps that I made in order to defeat that FOMO. From my experiences, I have to say that theyʼve definitely helped.

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7 Steps to defeat that FOMO -from the perspective of an actual clothes junkie who is slowly en route to defeating that FOMO

1.Breathe. Admit that youʼre a clothes junkie.

2.Acknowledge the fact that youʼve developed a habit and that it is not permanent and that it is possible to change this habit

3.Practice virtual window shopping. – Yup thatʼs a thing! I discovered it from being broke, but it also seriously helped prevent me from shopping excessively for things I donʼt even actually need! To do so will take a lot of will power or simply being broke haha

4.Declutter and start anew – i.e . If youʼve gotta get rid of 10 bags, sell them and instead of splurging what you just made on another 10 bags, save that money and aim to get one higher priced/quality bag. If youʼve spent a lot of money on something thatʼs high quality, chances are youʼre going to appreciate that item with no doubt!

5.Think before buying and do your research! – When you get something and its on the pricey side you want to make sure

a) youʼll have multiple uses for that item(in other words youʼll be able to mix and match it flexibly )
b) youʼll love it (duh! You just spent that much money on it)

6.Get creative or go spread some kindness! – Seek for creativity when youʼre shopping and also getting rid of clothes! If youʼre desperate to shop for something fancy, hit that thrift store! If thatʼs not an option wait till the season is about to end and hit that store, everything will be on sale. Also get creative with clothes youʼve decided you wonʼt be wearing anymore, but for the love of clothes only and I repeat only if youʼre convinced you wonʼt be destructing those clothes – get those tutorials online and grab your creative friends to help. Throwing clothes to no use is just painful to see and do! Additionally go spread that kindness and donate clothes at least once a year. Do good and youʼll get good back. ~Maybe that shirt you were saving up like mad for will end up on sale, who knows, but share that kindness peeps!

7.Mix and match! – This is a similar point to being creative with your clothes, but I have to state it clearly! Like anything in life you just need a strong foundation and youʼre off. To do in terms of mix and matching you just need to be very very precise. Colorful items are super easy to mix and match, if youʼre a person thatʼs all about the dark side worry not you can mix and match too! Just be precise about the details, texture, and patterns. As cliche as this may sound , my perception of an outfit can change every time I mix and match it. Even though there may be some out there, in my opinion, there isnʼt a specific step to step guide to mix and matching.You just gotta learn to have fun with your outfits and gradually you develop your own version of a guide to mix and matching. To sum that up not one mix and matcher mix and match the same, and thatʼs what makes it fun – discovering the endless possibilities one outfit could probably produce!

Well, thatʼs it on my part! FOMO is a very scary thing but thatʼs only if you let it be! I did state above that you can use the consequences of FOMO to your advantage! For me I developed my sense of mix and matching abilities and simultaneously learn how to control my shopping.People that are on the verge of letting the FOMO take over them and cause them to shop excessively and overwhelm themselves, there is a way out! Just donʼt give in 🙂 Yours truly is still en route to defeating that FOMO, join her, itʼs never too late;)

Stay tuned for more Mikaesque posts~

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