Calling All Couch Potatoes

Hey everyone,

I’m back at it with my second post for my triplicity Thursday series. This week I’ll be trio- styling *drum rolls* sweatpants! When is it ever not a good time to throw on sweats?! Props to all of you that workout everyday, you honestly have no idea how much respect I have for y’all. Me on the other hand….I’m a disgrace to you all… I’m more of a couch potato. Yeah I have a collection of sweats, yet I don’t actually use them to work out. I do the contrary and save them for styling on lazy days. This post is mainly for all the fellow couch potatoes out there, but people who workout yet still wanna know how to style sweatpants, do read on! I attempted to mix and match one pair of brown sweats (all that couch potato talk inspired me on the colour choice) to form 3 different styles, as always I’d love to hear your thoughts on them so leave them down below!


Style 1:I decided to pull off a stylish sporty look. I paired the sweats with an off-the shoulder top. This look is perfect for when you’re finding it difficult to figure out what towear. If you are actually going for a workout like this take a change of shirt for working out in. It’s alright making a grand entrance to that gym, but working out in an off-the shoulder top… that’s another story.
**Tip 1: Add a fancy shirt to achieve a successful stylish sporty look.When I say fancy you don’t have to go all out, think more of crop tops or off the shoulder tops.

Style 2: For this look I paired the sweats with a hoodie. Now hoodies + sweats =perfect for lazy days.You’re getting comfort while also giving off some style, isn’t that the ultimate goal of everyone’s lazy day outfit?! Plus if you sporty people do decide to go for a run or something at 5am, you can always do it in a hoodie, just opt for a thin one.
**Tip 2: Add a hoodie that’s bright or a graphic hoodie to give the illusion that you put lots of effort into your outfit, when really, it barely even took you 5 minutes to style! If you wanna add more to that illusion you can also go the extra mile and throw on a croppedhoodie. You can’t go wrong with a hoodie and sweats look.

Style 3: I decided to add a splash of colour with a pink sweater. The pink was the highlight of the outfit, next in line to the scarf.I added the scarf just for the sake of maintaining the brown theme I had going on. I topped of the look with ankle brown boots. Now what! Did she just wear boots with sweats?! Yup! Who says you can’t add a lil’ extra final touch to the look. This look, sadly for people that work out, is not apt for going to the gym in no way. Yet you can choose to try this look on one of your cheat days or off days.

**Tip 3: If you’re tired of rocking pants, feel free to rock your sweats next time. Consider it as if you’re rocking saggy jeans. I mean, we all need a break from those jeans from time to time.

That’s a wrap on my trio-styled sweatpants. Fellow couch potatoes I hope I gave you some inspiration regarding how to mix and match those sweatpants. Leave your thoughts down below.

Stay tuned for more Mikaesque posts~

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