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Itʼs the last Thursday of June! This may or may not mean that todayʼs post will mark the end of my Triplicity Thursdays series, but fear not Iʼve got another series coming up for July, which youʼre bound to enjoy. Anywho for todayʼs segment of Triplicity Thursdays, I decided to style a scarf,not as you would expect though. To add summer vibes to this blog, Iʼll be styling scarves as shirts- specifically as tube tops today. I came across this concept of scarf shirts on Instagram and I have been obsessed! You basically get a patterned scarf -preferably one made from thinner materials for the summer heat- then you wrap it around your torso till you form a tube top to your liking.That probably made no sense but youʼll see down below how I formed my tube top. I tied it from back to front and tucked the knot under the fold I made at the front.


Your scarf choice is essential! If you want to play around with how you tie or have more options for adjusting the tightness opt for a longer scarf.Longer scarves are more flexible and can be tied in any way to form the shirt of your preference. I styled a silk scarf, despite being silk it didnʼt slip off, if it was smaller perhaps it would have given me a difficult time but because I was able to bring it round to the front to tie it, it didnʼt give me any problems. Also for mix and matching purposes I decided to style a very colorfully patterned scarf.Scarf details aside letʼs get started with the looks!

Style 1: This is a very easy look to achieve that also seems very fancy. If you wanna leave the house ASAP, this outfit is for you! Just slip on your ripped jeans, your fav sneakers, tie the scarf around you and you are out.
**Tip 1: If youʼve chosen a very patterned scarf, go for basic jeans or trousers so that only your scarf top receives all the attention and remains the highlight of the look.

Style 2: Now this look is slightly more fancier than the first one, but still similar. I paired the scarf shirt with wide legged pants and cat heeled flats. I was aiming for a sassy formal-ish look here. This look is perfect for fancy meals at fancy
**Tip 2: If youʼre wearing this in the evening simply add a blazer to complete
the sassy formal-ish look. Or if you want to make it less formal refrain from tucking in your shirt and simply tie the scarf to form a crop top.

Style3: Saved the best, and the fanciest look for last. A DIY dress ~ I paired the scarf shirt with a white skirt and added a statement belt and made it seem as if it was one fancy dress. This would be the best go-to outfit for the summer! You
can wear your two piece under for a beach day or you can simply rock it as it is as an outfit for a super sunny day.
**Tip 3:Adding a statement accessory- such as the belt in this case- helps add a nice finishing touch. Also if you want extra support to hold your scarf shirt in place,go for this look.

Well thatʼs a wrap. Hope you liked the looks I formed from trio-styling the scarf shirts. I wonʼt be saying goodbye to these scarf shirts anytime soon, so youʼll be seeing more of them in future posts for sure. Which was your favourite look?
Will you be trying out these scarf shirts this summer? Do leave your thoughts below in the comments! Iʼd love to hear them!

Stay tuned for more Mikaesque posts~

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